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Happy 2012


We are just in the middle of the relocation of our company so due to that we are not available by phone.  Also e-mail response is limited because our phone company hasn´t been able to install all the lines yet.  We ask you to apologize for any delay within the next two weeks.

Razorblade Team

We have fucking holidays from 23.04 till 30.04.2011

Monday 18. October

Straight from Oklahoma, OKC's finest punks have outdone themselves again. STAND TRIAL is a great follow up album to their previous EP release "Armageddon". VIOLENT AFFAIR has definitely become one of the top upcoming punk bands in the world today and this album will push them even further. With tunes straight from the heart that kick you in the teeth to sounds that just make you want to hangout with your friends, this album covers a wide range of real topics. If you have ever hated politicians, felt trapped in a dead end job, beat up nazis and racists, or even hung out with your best friends, then this album is for you. If you enjoy bands such as Monster Squad, The Unseen, Action and so forth, then you will love Violent Affair's album STAND TRIAL. In America's decaying scene of punk, Violent Affair is here to revive it and bring punk back to the scene it is supposed to be.


Monday 31. Mai



1. Countdown 2 Annihilation
2. We´ll never learn
3. Hard Head
4. Substance Control

5. Matchday Madness
6. In Your Hands
7.  Halo
8.  Double Deal

Out of the City Of Angels RAZORBLADE-MUSIC proudly presents LA's DISTRICT DIVIDED!!
These 5 Punkers break down the stereotype that punkrock bands can't play
their instruments.  They smash down the assumption that punk is dead.
They aren't a band to be taken lightly. This 8-tracked self titled album has your
heart pumping, your feet moving, & your whole body shaking.  All you
wanna do is go out and destroy some shit. Their music does what Punkrock is supposed to do: make you truly feel it through your veigns and straight in your face!
Their songs are also about real subjects & every song is different.
If you charge your hair to the sound of the Krum Bums or Monster Squad, Disrict Divided will give you exactly what you've missed the last couple of years - A Real Punkrock Album with the heart on the right spot from the Streets straight in societys Face!


Monday 22. März





Here comes with a big "boom" the most dangerous hardcore punk granade from the USA.  In the mid / late summer their record will be available through Razorblade . Afterwards they will burn down some european stages later this year. More information like band pix or sound samples can be found here at the myspace website. This summer is going to be HOTTTTT!!!


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